Exceptional quality sets us apart

At Kautex, we consider ourselved to be "hidden champions" in terms of our impact to the end customer. Whether you see a car as a intricately, fine-tuned machine, a "home away from home" with all the necessary technology to keep you connected to your friends, family and work, or simply a mode of transport from Point A to Point B, we help get you where you want to go.

However, we don't want you thinking about your fuel tank  (unless of course, its time to fill up!), SCR system, camera cleaning system or camshafts because more likely than not, that means you have experienced a problem. 

We also know when an OEM places an order with us, they place their brand reputation in our hands. The end customer won't go to Kautex for resolution on a issue - they will go to their local dealership or OEM for assistance. And in the end, that reflects poorly on us.

Therefore, Kautex places a heavy focus on the design and production quallity of our products. We pratice tried-and-true lean manufaucturing principles and drive a continuous improvement mindset, in our product, tooling and manfuacutirng processes.

Our Quality Management System

Awards & Recognition

Every year, Kautex is honored by its customers for outstanding results in meeting customer commitments. Below are a few of the awards we've received over the past two years:

Quality Awards: 2018 

JLR - JLRQ Award (Kautex Guangzhou)

JLR - JLRQ Award (Kautex Shanghai)

JLR -  JLRQ Award (Kautex Brazil)

Ford Motor Co. - FMC Q1 (Kautex Japan)

Ford Motor Co. - FMC Q1 nomination - (Kautex Puebla)

Nissan - Nissan Supplier Award (Kautex Japan)

Toyota: Toyota Quality Award for Zero Quality issues - Nominated (Kautex Guangzhou)

Mazda: Mazda Quality award for continued ZERO ppm (4yrs) (Kautex Japan)

Ford Motor Co: Global Excellence Award (Kautex Detroit)

General Motors: Supplier Excellence Award (Kuatex Avilla)

General Motora: Supplier Excellence Award (Kautex Windsor) 

General Motors: Supplier Excellence Award (Kautex Silao) 


Awards YTD 

Ford Motor Co: Ford Q1 (Kautex Puebla)

Toyota: Toyota Quality Award (Kautex Guangzhou)

JLR: JLRQ Award (Kautex Czech Republic)

Ford Motor Co: Gold Level Site Award (Kautex Romania)

Ford Motor Co: Ford Q1 Award (Kautex Gujarat, India)

FCA: FCA Quality Award (CWC)

General Motors: Supplier Excellence Award (Kautex Avilla)

General Motors: Supplier Excellence Award (Kautex Silao)

General Motors (GM) Overdrive Award

Certifications / Accreditations

Kautex Automotive is accredited with the following standards found in:

Kautex Packaging is accredited with the following standards

ISO 9001:2015 English


ISO 9001:2015 German


ISO 14001:2015 English


ISO 14001:2015 German


BS OHSAS 18001:2007 English


BS OHSAS 18001:2007 German


In addition to the automotive accreditation, CWC Textron is:

Certified by the Ductile Iron Society

A State of Michigan Clean Corporate Citizen (C3)

Missing certificate?

Please send us your request using our contact form, stating the certificate name and the respective Kautex facility. We will get back to you as soon as possible.