Zero accidents

Kautex is committed to showing the highest level of respect for its employees by partnering with them to achieve an injury free environment. The company has been able to achieve a breakthrough over the past five years reducing the total recordable injury rate (TRIR) to less than 1.0 and achieving world class manufacturing rates of 0.75. Equally important during this time, some Kautex facilities have been able to demonstrate that zero injuries is completely achievable. In 2018, 18 Kautex facilities were able to work the entire year without a recordable injury.

The Kautex EHS framework has at its base values, vision and operating principles to achieve a standard operating environment around the globe.

The highest standards apply no matter where we are located.

Our employees embrace safety as the basis for operating excellence.

Kautex builds its EHS program on two important pillars: Risk Reduction and Building a Strong Safety/Quality Culture.

Any accident that occurs at a Kautex facility is analyzed using an A3 process. The identified gaps allowing the accident to occur are examined and addressed. 

A program of “Must Do” steps to close the system gaps is driven across all Kautex locations. Best practices are shared for the purpose of replicating improvement measures.

Heavily involving employees in building the safety systems builds the critical mass we need to sustain the gains and improvements.