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Your contact for Innovation

Christoph Guse

R&D Manager

Tel.: +49 228 9868 118

Fax: +49 228 9868 903 118

New in our Packaging Series

Since the company's founding in 1935, Kautex has been known for its innovation in the field plastics. The company has also been a traditional leader in the engineering and design of packaging.

Our continuous product improvements and continuous development of new ideas make us the constant subject of conversation. Be it because of new materials, improved product design, greater safety and environmental protection or the incorporation of new technologies: Kautex IP makes it possible and brings it to the market in record time thanks to our optimum manufacturing and marketing processes.

Diligence and speed are not necessarily exclusive, they are what our customers demand and are a trademark of our company. 



It was end of 2014 when Kautex was nominated with the VPD 90® for the German Packaging Award - a highly innovative product, which will revolutionize the packaging market.