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A step toward the future

Increasing cost pressures, the launch of alcohol-based fuels, and the increased number of  PZEV vehicles required by 2014 all demand that we think beyond current technology.

And that’s what we’ve done. With a clear vision and clear goals, we have pushed the development of products and technologies to create the Next Generation Fuel System (NGFS®).

This technology differs greatly from conventional blow molding technologies. It offers completely new possibilities for designing fuel systems with a goal of manufacturing the complete fuel system in only one production step.

NGFS® offers the ability to integrate all components and new functionality inside a fuel tank. With more freedom in construction, NGFS® offers more flexibility, and also other advantages. The emissions from a NGFS® fuel tank system are significantly below the strict emission standards of 0,35g/24h hydrocarbons per day and car, as required by the American state of California.