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For the environment!

Protecting our environment, which is, after all, the source of our lives, is a crucial aspect of our company’s philosophy.

One goal is the constant reduction of fuel emissions, which we achieve through the development and manufacture of various products (NGFS, SCR) to fulfill international emission obligations (e.g. PZEV, LEV II). Test fillings, which we use to measure vapor emissions, help us during the development of such products.

Seventy percent of our scrap is recycled and processed through the use of risk-free  raw materials. Our responsible handling of natural resources can be seen not only in our products but also in how we consider environmental protection and employee safety as we continuously improve our already proven production methods. One of the highlights of our program is the reduction of our energy consumption through the use of more efficient components as well as noise reduction programs, which our neighbors and staff appreciate equally.

In addition to the recycling of plastics, we also conduct research in plastics made of renewable primary products. Such biopolymers can used in applications in the automotive industry as well as in packaging. These materials can reduce the impact on the environment and have better sustainability: Resources are being conserved and waste can be reduced.

Our global environmental teams continuously discuss new processes and measures to protect our environme