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Your contact for SCR systems

Martin Tiggemann
Director Sales & Business Development

Tel.: +49 228 488-2110
Fax: +49 228 488-999-2110

Technology for a better environment

The topics of global warming and increased environmental pollution from exhaust fumes have been hotly debated for some time now. We, too, see ourselves as carrying some responsibility. Through our products, we are doing our part in getting a handle on these problems.
Long before the international legislation issued restrictive standards, we were working on the idea of “Selective Catalytic Reduction” (SCR). This is the technology of reducing environmentally harmful nitric oxides in exhaust fumes from diesel engines.
It involves the uptitration of a watery urea solution (Ad Blue (TM)) into the exhaust fumes. There, by means of a chemical reaction, the nitric oxides are transformed into the end products water and nitrogen.

Since 2005 we have been providing the truck industry with complete SCR tank systems for filling and provisioning the Ad Blue liquid as well as displaying the fill level and temperature by means of a sensor.
Today we can look back on a large number of mass-produced projects in the passenger car segment as well. We produce SCR tank and filling systems for renowned automobile manufacturers throughout the world at four locations in Europe, the USA and Mexico. Our SCR-specific test installations assist us in validating the systems. Over the next several years we will be able to transfer additional projects from the development phase to series production as well.
Our project teams operating simultaneously in Asia, Europe and America enable us to meet the far-reaching requirements of our customers.
For the end user the new system not only means protection of the environment, but also of his pocketbook. With SCR technology, engines can be adjusted to consume less and therefore require less fuel.

The second generation of selective catalytic reduction (SCR), our tank system for reducing nitrous oxides in exhaust, is now here: Optimized to reduce installation space and with additional features, 'SCR Generation 2' by Kautex addresses current and future emission regulations for diesel vehicles, including both trucks and cars.


Martin Tiggemann
Director SCR Systems Global