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Your sales contact for packaging

Michael Caspers

Sales Manager

Tel.: +49 228 9868 111

Fax.: +49 228 9868 903 111

The World of Packaging

With the development of the first blow-mold machine – about 65 years ago – we began producing bottles and containers made of polyethylene. Much has changed since then and we have grown to be an important provider in the European market.

We produce packaging units as small as 5 ml or as big as 60 liters. We provide a full array of services starting with our standard products all the way up to the development of customer-specific packaging solutions – customized from the smallest batch series to a production of millions of items.

We are an affiliate of our global parent company Textron and use the synergies and opportunities that come from being part of this major enterprise. For example, our customers can profit from extensive laboratory, research, and development options. We use modern CAD systems to develop new packaging systems. Computer simulation allows us to recognize the potential for optimization even in the run-up to mold construction; this saves time and money. The global expanse of our production plants allows us to produce products where they’re needed and quickly lets us adjust to the customer’s needs and modifications.

We are your personal contact during the complete process. Our supply chain management guarantees the best support – from initial contact to the conception of the filling station.

Eva Baulig
Director Industrial Products Global