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Your contact for core engineering

Dirk Eulitz
Director New Technology Mgt.

Phone.: +49 228 488-4320
Fax: +49 228 488-999-4320

Know-how and Transfer

Core Engineering is our competence center for fuel and SCR systems. It is globally responsible for binding engineering standards (such as design standards, design guidelines or standard components). The Core Engineering division is also the ideal starting point for young engineers.

Our vision:
All Kautex systems are designed in accordance with our specified standards to reduce both risks and costs.

Core Engineering is divided into three groups:

The primary responsibility of Core Products is to promote the aforementioned vision by providing various engineering standards. This includes design specifications, standardized validation procedures, uniform manufacturing processes and the structural development of fully documented standard components. This minimizes product risk for both Kautex and our customers.
Through standardization, we can generally achieve greater quantities for individual components and sub-systems. This makes production more efficient.
In the pre-development stage of fuel systems, the Core Functions Division is set up to be the preferred partner for our customers.

Our experts define the direction of series development and create the technological road map for fuel and SCR systems. They are responsible for trend scouting (market analysis/benchmarking) and trend setting (exerting influence on the market through the development of promising systems).

As an internal service provider, the CAE team (Computer-Aided Engineering) supports all areas with the simulation of physical effects and permits an early optimization of products and processes during development.

To stay up-to-date on regional trends and to be close to the customer, the team is supported by international representatives in North America and Asia.

Core Engineering is the bridge between the Research Division and our customer application. All products are developed using the Six Sigma methodology. This method involves the design, the process and the concept of continuous improvement and is an integral component of training for all young engineers.

Dirk Eulitz
Director New Technology Mgt.