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Christoph Guse

R&D Manager

Tel.: +49 228 9868 118

Fax: +49 228 9868 903 118

New in our Packaging Series

Since the company's founding in 1935, Kautex has been known for its innovation in the field plastics. The company has also been a traditional leader in the engineering and design of packaging. Our continuous product improvements and continuous development of new ideas make us the constant subject of conversation. Our customers needs are always growing and changing. Be it new materials, improved product design, greater safety and environmental protection or the incorporation of new technologies: Kautex IP makes it possible and brings it to the market in record time thanks to our optimum manufacturing and marketing processes. Diligence and speed are not necessarily exclusive, they are what our customers demand and are a trademark of our company. 

One of the most complex tasks when designing packages is to ensure correct, clean and reliable dosing. Kautex has developed a number of systems such as the VPD 90 ® (ventilation pipe design) that only releases liquids starting at an angle of 90°.

The concept of the VPD 90® can be integrated during the development of canisters and smaller containers, such as 1000 ml Oil-bottles. The design of the packaging can be customized according to your individual branding – concerning sight strips, scaling, logo or RFID technology.

Concerning the stackability:
Thanks to the standard-geometry, our canister is suitable for storage and transportation. That is why it fits perfectly in a modern Supply Chain concept.

We are continuously expanding our product line to satisfy specific customer requirements. This includes minimum-volume bottles (5, 10, 20 ml) with a barrier feature, as well as the new 6 + 12 liter canisters that are offered with three different necks and in two weights and are equipped with the opti-rib® design.

Kautex also leads the way in materials research: With biodegradable materials, Kautex is helping to save our environment and resources. Highly transparent polypropylene offers a whole new world of design options. After all, appearance is part of the buying decision. We are also continuously adding to our design options, for example with our expertise in labeling packages with lasers.

With AgroPack® Dual, Kautex is setting new standards in the packaging of pesticides.
The RFID chip makes your product unmistakable, forgery-proof and easy to handle. Kautex won the German Packaging Award in 2009 for this innovation.