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Your contact for camshafts

Erik Jepsen
Director Operations CWC

Phone.: +1 231-739-2761

To insure optimum engine performance

An important element is selection of the proper Camshaft, a key component of internal combustion engines used in passenger car and light trucks vehicles.

CWC is a leader among camshaft manufacturers in the North-American market.

CWC specializes in the high volume manufacture of camshafts individually engineered to meet a broad range of engine applications.

CWC camshafts are available in a variety of base alloys including high strength Ductile Iron (spheroidal graphite) material which, in conjunction with our Flame, Cryogenic, Temper lobe hardening process, is designed specifically for engines equipped with roller cam followers.

For higher output engine applications CWC also offers its patented “Selectively Austempered Ductile Iron” (SADI) process designed to provide the same performance and service life of steel or assembled camshafts at significantly lower cost.

In order to meet the ever increasing requirements of OEM engine manufacturers, CWC employs the latest technology for its casting and lobe hardening operations to insure the highest quality and consistency for optimum performance.

Erik Jepsen
Director Operations CWC