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Technical Purchasing

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Dirk Becher

Manager Technical Purchasing Global

ISC Commodity

Tel.: +49 228 488-3430
Fax: +49 228 488-999-3430

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Our technical purchasing department is responsible for providing our plants with the resources to operate successfully. This ranges from simple transport racks and individual blow-molding tools, all the way to complete assembly lines.

We work with certified suppliers worldwide to implement our quality specifications. The complete design for our assembly lines is developed jointly based on standardized guidelines and country-specific standards. Based on this, we are able to provide standardized tools and equipment to our plants at the right time, at a high quality, and at a competitive price, while still attaining our environmental goals.

When selecting suppliers, we focus in particular on the quality of products and the process flow. Continuous process improvement and the active integration of measures that protect occupational safety are also among the criteria for a successful relationship, as are integrity and professionalism.