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Your contact for the department of testing

Jürgen Runkel
Director Central Laboratory & Validation

Phone.: +49 228 488-3360
Fax: +49 228 488-999-3360

Quality counts

Our products must meet a wide array of requirements and expectations: Our customers expect high-quality products that meet their specifications. The design and manufacturing process for our products is determined by laws and regulations (e.g. emission laws for fuel tanks or food guidelines for packaging products). All of our products have a long service cycle, which means that consistently high quality must be guaranteed over a long period of time.

This is where our Central Laboratory & Validation department (CL&V) comes into action. We inspect the functionality and quality of our product during every phase of the product life cycle, starting at development, prototypes, and the pilot production phase, all the way up to regular series production monitoring.

We are the contacts for our external and internal customers in matters relating to our product features. We always complete our jobs for customers on time, as specified, at an attractive cost and accompanied with test results.

Our chief responsibilities include validation tests, physical and chemical material tests, measurement of hydrocarbon emissions, durability tests and statutory homologation tests.

We have developed and designed elements of our equipment over the years drawing on insight from our experience and test specifications.

We continuously expand our expertise by collaborating with various institutions and associations (such as SAE and VDA) and maintaining ongoing contact with our customers.

Jürgen Runkel
Director Central Laboratory & Validation