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Responsible for System Packaging

Nicole Petry

Sales Manager

Tel.: +49 228 9868 153

Ideas become Reality

Seventy percent of your customers’ buying decisions are influenced by the packaging. You know what you’re putting into the package and you know what message you’d like to convey to the customer through your packaging choice. We can turn your ideas into finished products.

Do you have a product idea and are looking for the right packaging? Through detailed consultations with you, we will determine the best option direction for you and develop it in draft form. We will apply our creativity and turn it into a technically feasible solution. As an important part of this process, we will identify any areas for improvement in weight or shape, so as to offer you the best possible solution.

With our “Fast to Market” concept, we create prototypes in just two weeks, which enables you to run short-term product tests with your target groups. In addition to the design, we give your packaging a unique visual appeal and feel. Find out more about our diverse Design options.

After a suitable concept has been developed, we assist you in starting up production and advise you or your filling partner on the line.

Low Costs - High Flexibility

A central feature of our System packaging program is the fact that many different types and sizes of bottles are produced from existing blow moldings. This is the result of our partnering efforts with renowned fastener manufacturers as well as our know-how in the production processes, materials and barrier technologies. Select a packaging solution that is ready for production in a multitude of volumes and shapes without the additional cost of manufacturing a new tool. You can then select the color, fastener and decoration from the designs you like best.