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Your contact for Human Care

Nicole Petry

Sales Manager

Tel.: +49 228 9868 153

Fax: +49 228 9868 903 153

Human Care

This is a very broad area of that covers everything relating to humans, from health and body care to foods. The packaging requirements are just as varied as the applications.


Modern, attractive designs are extremely important criteria for the packaging of body care products and cosmetics. The visual effects and feel of the packaging strong influence customers’ buying decisions. Purchasers of cosmetic products have a sense of the aesthetic, which we satisfy through our packaging in a multitude of shapes, colors, surface textures and sizes. Precisely for this reason, we offer ready-made packaging solutions with a seal, as well as individual designs created specifically for you.


With particularly sensitive pharmaceutical products, safety, durability and resistance to heat are all important, as well as the maintenance of legal and customer hygiene specifications. By using a variety of blow extrusion techniques, we can employ raw materials that are particularly strong and tough. We also produce containers with high barrier characteristics for special requirements.


Consumables provide some of our daily requirement for vitamins and minerals. Since consumers are demanding fresher natural products, the demand for more efficient packaging is also increasing, including: individual design, ergonomic shape, and a material that helps the product uphold what it promises. Specialists in the manufacture of content-specific packaging solutions are therefore in demand.
Our wealth of experience in barrier technology for protecting products from escaping into the environment is of special benefit to you in this case. In the case of foods, effective protection from UV radiation and oxygen permeation significantly influences the shelf life of the filler and keeps vitamins from degrading.
Our production and logistics concepts developed especially for the consumables market provide a particular advantage that affects the entire supply chain. We also take into account all required hygienic guidelines.
Specialists ensure that the products are glamorously displayed on the shelves. We develop Surface textures that constantly feature new visual effects. Silk screening, labeling and sleeving are some of the design options that make the product more visually appealing to the end customer.