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A step toward the future

Increasing cost pressure, the introduction of alcohol fuels, and the continuous growth in the numbers of all PZEV and hybrid vehicles, by law since 2014, make it necessary to think beyond the current state of the art in tank technology.

And that’s what we’ve done. With a clear vision and clear goals, we have pushed the development of products and technologies to create the Next Generation Fuel System (NGFS®).

This technology differs greatly from conventional blow molding technologies. It offers completely new possibilities for designing fuel systems with a goal of manufacturing the complete fuel system in only one production step.

A sequential manufacturing of various tank variants, for example, mixed production of diesel, gas, or hybrid tanks for one vehicle model, a single production process, is being implemented, among other things.

NGFS® offers the ability to integrate all components and new functionality inside a fuel tank. With more freedom in construction, NGFS® offers more flexibility, and also other advantages. The emissions from a NGFS® fuel tank system are significantly below the strict emission standards of 0,35g/24h hydrocarbons per day and car, as required by the American state of California.