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The pioneers in plastic fuel systems

We have revolutionized the manufacture of fuel systems with the development and production of the first plastic fuel tanks. Thanks to their resistance to corrosion, lighter weight, permeation behavior, recyclability, and greater design freedom, they have significant advantages over steel fuel tanks. These outstanding features have led to the increase in the market share of plastic fuel tanks. Today in Europe more than 95%, in the United States almost 90%, and in Asia over 60% of all tanks are made of plastic, tendency rising.

Over the past years, emissions reductions, on-board diagnostics, and alternative fuels have had a significant impact on the functionality and complexity of these systems. By applying our years of experience and through new methods and technologies, we have achieved groundbreaking progress in the reduction of emissions – and our technology is now used in many vehicles.

As a leading manufacturer of plastic fuel tank systems, we have successfully met the challenges of the market and we continue to advance its development: You will find our products in vehicles of almost all automotive manufacturers worldwide.

As a global player in producing plastic parts for the automotive industry, Kautex is a member of several associations. One of the most important is Plasfuelsys, a lobby group of European producers of plastic fuel tanks. Developers and producers  with about 40 plants in Europe and more than 10 000 employees are organized here. Plasfuelsys is a panel for professionals from all participating fields of knowledge, but this association also informs government and citizens about the benefits of modern plastic fuel tank systems. PlasFuelSys is part of the EUPC (European Plastics Converters) with headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.