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COMET - Making changes happen

The world is in a constant state of change – and we must change with it. With this knowledge, we began in 2005 to align our corporate culture with this changing world.

We implemented COMET – Customer, Orientation, Manpower, Excellence, and Team – as the five pillars of our company. The goal is the creation of a living, practical corporate culture that helps us meet the demands of the changing market. Our COMET Business System (CBS) helps us to reach this goal by supplying processes and tools, which we use to design our daily tasks.

Each and every one of our more than 5,500 staff members worldwide has helped to choose our common values, which concisely state what we stand for. COMET provides a strong and uniform foundation so that every one of our staff members knows our basic values and code of conduct – and can put them into practice. We use special workshops to break old patterns of behavior, ensure everyone is in line with our values, and has the knowledge required for this process. These workshops are organized annually by our top-level management staff and every staff member participates. “COMET Teams” at all locations help us to keep our culture alive and refine it.