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Diversity connects

We work globally: our customers and suppliers are located all over the world. Our employees mirror the diversity of our business partners so we understand our customer’s needs better and can come up with the optimal solution. Our staff’s diverse backgrounds and talents combine to produce our team’s success.

Diversity Management is a way of managing staff that takes into account the individuality and diversity of our staff, and uses this to everyone’s advantage. Diversity is about more than just accepting the nationality, ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation of our staff members: it recognizes that there’s increased value in having a more diverse workforce. We practice this by integrating diversity into our company’s philosophy, by supporting different cultures and minorities, as well as by providing equal opportunities to everyone.

Diversity strengthens

The different approaches and perspectives that arise from diversity increase our creativity and innovation. The value of diversity connects us on an interpersonal level and lets us grow. It expands our abilities and increases our global flexibility when hiring new staff.


Together with over 200 other companies, Kautex now also committed itself to fairness and valuation publicly: In the “Charta of Diversity”, the signatories emphasize the importance of diversity and undertake to realize it in their corporate culture.